Be. See. Know.


Be. See. Know. was birthed in 2007 after finding & exploring the "edge" often -- through extensive travels & studies of Yoga, Thai Yoga and Meditation. Together these practices honor the art of deceleration to buffer the pace of our ever ramped up world. In becoming more aware of choices through Practice we empower greater mastery in living Life through Taoism's wu wei....skillful action with the least amount of effort.

Be. See. Know.

connects to ancient hatha yoga wisdom. Sage Patanjali's Yoga Sutras I:7

describes pratyaksha (praht-yahk-sha) as one of three doorways through which we obtain valid knowledge in Life -- knowledge meaning truth vs. illusion. The other two, according to this sutra, are inference (anumana) and scriptural testimony (agama).

A "pratyaksha moment" seems to bypass the thinking mind.

In Taoist terms, this flow, the "now" is referred to as "the watercourse way" where the polarities of Yin & Yang form an eternal orbit, in wholeness. And, just as scientific theories make way for new discoveries to update, or level altogether, preceding beliefs "explaining our world"", so can pristine moments of pratyaksha catapault us into ever unfolding evolution...whether in solitary independence or connected inter-being-ness.

Sometimes these moments come in a flash of recognition and at other times it is in the down-shifting into stillness, where the beliefs we hold on to soften in the being-ness & we are truly willing to see things just as they are, in a place of objectivity. In that unguardedness, in the lack of "effort", we flow. We become conduits for our human-being-ness, our strengths and our vulnerabilities.

There opportunities abound to meet our inner essence...the Inner Teacher.  

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& pratyaksha...

...the seed from which

be. see. know. grows is informed by a an ancient yoga sutra teaching ...the experience of direct perception known as pratyaksha...

"In the spirit of PRATYAKSHA resides opportunites for exploration & discovery -- not sparked by some moment of enlightened attainment or scholarly rigor --

but instead often appearing in simple stillness."

- Liza Dousson