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Thai Yoga's approach to the body & healing is a notable adjunct to the practice of YIN Yoga. Both draw on ancient 2500+ year old ancient medicine systems. Thai Yoga aids more balanced energy flow within the body, appropriately energizing or relaxing the body/mind by stretching and compressing the energy tributaries deep within the body. In Thailand it is said that the Father Doctor, a famous Indian doctor (a.k.a. Dr. Jivago-Karmapaj) helped heal The Buddha in a moment of ill health...(hey even The Buddha can succumb)! The Father Doctor is revered by many medicine systems in the Far East and Thai Medicine thrives in Thailand today, just as Ayurveda continues to do in India.

In this YouTube above Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a well-known alternative healing cardiologist & published author, discusses the benefits of Thai Yoga and Liza Dousson offers

an impromptu demonstration of this ancient healing art. 

Clothed and comfortable, a Thai Yoga session is received by the recipient as a passive yoga session. You'll experience a variety of stretches and poses to open the energy channels in the body that aid deep healing, while also balancing & relaxing the body. This method is ancient, sacred and FUN! And like acupuncture, it can be also deeply therapeutic for a variety of issues including chronic low back pain, joint pain, fatigue & anxiety.  

And YES Yoga Privates can be arranged upon request or via SKYPE if you're not in the neighborhood!

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Friend, author and talented Yoga & Thai Massage teacher in the LA area, Phoebe Diftler offers this rich "hot-off-the-press" view on appreciating & applying the ancient practice of Thai Massage...putting the "art" of this treatment literally at your fingertips. For more information visit HERE

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